200µl Filter Barrier Tips, original style

//200µl Filter Barrier Tips, original style

200µl Filter Barrier Tips, original style

  • Graduation marks at 20 and 100µl
  • Fits Gilson Pipetman P200 and Eppendorf Reference and Xplorer styles, click for full Compatibility Table
  • Available in regular polypropylene or high performance Low Retention
  • Resin guaranteed bovine-free
  • Packaging options: Racked and Bulk
  • Fine point orifice for the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility
  • Available in universal fit non-Filter format
  • Certified free from RNase, DNase and Human DNA
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BioPointe porous barrier filters in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE),  block aerosols by coalescing radio-active, chemical, or biological contaminants before they can come in contact with pipettor shafts, and effectively eliminate unwanted signals induced by residual RNA/DNA transferred in trace amounts by aerosol cross-contamination. The filter is completely inert and consistent in porosity – 20 micron allows the air to pass through, but not any aqueous solutions. It also acts as a safety-barrier against accidental over-pipetting of liquid without risk of sample lock-up – this allows samples to be recovered. CMC-free, non-reactive barriers are manufactured without surfactants, or other extractable components, to precise air-flow standards.

Filter Barrier Tips are now available in both regular polypropylene and the company’s innovative Low Retention material. With its traditional diamond polished, ultra smooth mold surfaces, these tips deliver maximum accuracy and reproducibility when pipetting liquid in microvolumes, resulting in superior pipette tip performance.  In addition, through its optimal fluid transfer, Low Retention products ensure maximum recovery of precious samples and reagents from pipette manipulations.

Accurate graduation marks provide visual confirmation that the correct liquid volume is being aspirated /dispensed. Perfect fine point orifice for the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility.

All BioPointe tips are universal-fitting, and so engineered to fit practically all popular manufacturers of research-grade single and multichannel pipettes, so reducing the number of tip brands and styles required in a laboratory.

Ordering Information

200μl No Finepoint, Universal Fit Bulk 351-2000 Request a quote
200μl Yes Finepoint, Universal Fit, Pre-sterilized Hinged Lid Racks 351-4050 Request a quote
200µl Yes Finepoint, Universal Fit, Low Retention, Pre-sterilized Hinged Lid Racks 351-4150 Request a quote