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Our business and the markets we serve are constantly evolving but throughout, we strive to deliver a complete service – and keep it simple

More Quality

At BioPointe Scientific, we are committed to supplying our customers with products that meet the highest quality standards. We do this by constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing process from start to finish. Our stringent quality control procedures are second to none. Our processes ensure our customers will receive products that will be consistent in reliability and quality and will meet or exceed their expectations.

More Value

We recognise the ever increasing pressures on research budgets to deliver lower laboratory running costs. For a manufacturer, this presents challenges which we are well equipped to meet. Of course, this must be done without compromise on product quality and service. Over the years, our manufacturing processes have become increasingly efficient and we are confident that the BioPointe line of products offers the ultimate in VALUE – the highest product quality and integrity with highly competitive pricing, on a consistent basis.

More Support

Our committed team is here to help you with product questions, pricing, shipping, placing orders, and other information. Our Claremont office is open from 7:00am to 5pm (07:00 to 17:00) Monday through Friday. For questions about products ordered from one of our distributors please contact your distributor directly.

Certificates of Analysis will soon be available online, 24 hours a day.  To obtain a certificate you will need the Catalog Number for the product plus the Lot Number which will be shown on the packaging.